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To provide a programme of study which will allow students to acquire an understanding of visual fundamentals and to reach a level of creativity, imagination and technical ability in one or more of the disciplines of Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Textile Design. Ceramics is offered only as a secondary subject.

Entry Requirements
MINIMUM entry requirements are: Pass (Grade D3 or better) in FIVE Leaving Certificate subjects. Points will be calculated from the SIX best subjects.

Applicants will be requested to post a completed project to CAO/CAS, the required content and format of which will be specified. The project brief will be issued by CAO/CAS after the application closing date. The completed project will be scored to assess students' eligibility for the course. The project score for eligible applicants will be aggregated with the Leaving Certificate points score. This combined score will be used to offer places.

RTC, Galway does not hold interviews or portfolio assessments.

It is important to note that the disciplines offered by RTC Galway are Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Textile Design. Eligibility is assessed on applicants' suitability to undertake one of these specific subjects to an acceptable level. Applicants should carefully consider their interest in these subjects.

Course Duration
Three years full-time.

Career Outlets
Graduates may work as artists, textile designers or teachers.

Course Content

Year 1
Year one is divided into two parts, Core and Specialist Studies. Core Studies last for twelve weeks and include drawing, colour and an introduction to the specialist areas. At the end of this period, students make informed choices in the specialist areas: e.g. Paint or Print or Textiles, which will be their chief areas of study for the remainder of the course. Together with practical studies, students will, through the three years, undertake courses in mandatory subjects such as History of Art and Design, Communication Skills and Photography, and a number of elective subjects e.g. Philosophy, Computers, Archaeology, Literature and French or German.

Year 2
Continuation of Specialist Studies and History of Art/Design.

Year 3
Further development of Specialist Studies end with an exhibition of individual work which will be assessed by the College and the National Council for Educational Awards. Students also present a thesis, relevant to their practical studies, for assessment.

Recognition by Professional Bodies
Graduates in Textile Design may apply for Licentiate Membership of the Society of Designers in Ireland.

Opportunities for Further Study
Graduates may apply for entry to Degree programmes in Ireland or abroad, provided they have received a Merit or Distinction award in their final assessment. Graduates are also eligible to apply for Teacher Training courses.

Further Information
Marion Coy.