Engineering Degrees


Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing Technology - 4yrs
Master of Science in Advanced Engineering Techniques



To produce graduates with skills appropriate to the manufacturing industry, equipped to make a major contribution to the operation and management of modern complex manufacturing facilities.

Entry Requirements
MINIMUM entry requirement is: Pass (Grade D3 or better) in SIX Leaving Certificate subjects, including Mathematics and English or Irish. Two of these subjects must be passed at Grade C3 or better in higher level papers. The minimum acceptable grade in Mathematics is B3 (lower level paper) or D3 (higher level paper).

Course duration
Four years full-time. Also available under ACCS.

Career Outlets
Graduates are employed in responsible positions in manufacturing industry. Typical areas of activity are process and product design, quality assurance and reliability, manufacturing management and process control. Graduates eventually progress to general management level.

Course Content
When this course is semesterised, progress to each semester is dependent of each previous semester performance.

Year 1
Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Electrical and Engineering Science, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Workshop Practice, Manufacturing Technology.

Year 2
Mathematics, Mechanics of Machines, Engineering Workshop Practice, Engineering Technology, Strength of Materials, Electronics/Instrumentation, Machine Drawing, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

Year 3
Heat Engines and Energy Utilisation, Analysis of Manufacturing Systems, Control Systems, Engineering Technology, Machine Design, Production Systems, Materials.

Year 4
Electrical Power and Machines, Computer Aided Engineering, Industrial Management, Plant Engineering, Applied Energy Management, Psychology/Sociology, Reliability Engineering and Project.

Recognition by Professional Bodies
Graduates may apply to the Institute of Engineers of Ireland (IEI) for admission to Technician Engineer grade or Chartered Engineer grade.

Opportunities for Further Study
Honours degree graduates may progress to post graduate studies at colleges and universities in Ireland and the EU.

Further Information
Michael Reen or Tom Roche.


The School of Engineering has developed an M.Sc. programme for engineering and technology graduates working in industry/commerce.

To provide more advanced expertise and skills in applying advanced tools, techniques, methodologies and technologies for graduates already working.

Entry Requirements
Pass degree in Engineering/Technology and at least 3 years relevant working experience.

Course Structure and Duration
Students must complete 4 modules (one per semester) and a major (industry-based) project. Under ACCS, students may enter the programme in September or February.

Modules and Project
Currently modules (5 hours per wk. for 15 wks. i.e. one module per semester) on offer are:

Computer Vision, The CAD Database and CAM, Advanced Process Control, Newal Processing, UNIX and Engineering Applications, Advanced Sensors and Industrial Applications, Digital Signal Processing, Read-time Systems Engineering in C, Robotics and Industrial Applications. Candidates can propose module titles to further customize their training needs for their employers. The project will involve on a real industry-based project or problem requiring solution.

Further Information
Fiona Kelly, Industrial Liaison Office. George Anderson, Course Director.