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Computer Technician (P/T)

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Even though you think just because you are surfing at an Irish site this does not mean that all of us at Galway RTC are Irish!! I am Scottish by ancestory and English by birth. My family (the Glenny's) moved south from Aberdeen to the English "home counties" in around the year 1700. I was studying here for the final semester of my HND (higher national diploma) in computer science on the ERASMUS scheme from Leeds Metropolitan University in England. Whilst completing my project for Paul J Scannell he spoke to the college Registrar about offering the job of putting the college on the Net.


Looking at the photo I realized that it doesn't really do me justice! For a start you cannot tell that I have long hair in it so below are a few photos of the hair! I have been growing it since Jan. '94 (the only New Year's resolution I have ever kept!) and have had a lot cut off before Easter 95 but apart from two twims that's all i've had! I normally tie my hair back as it is still a little short around the front and driving can be difficult with an eyeful of hair!! Advice for those wanting to grow theirs, let it grow without trimming for about a year. Brush it always with a pure bristle brush (plastic ones rip your hair). After about a year get all the curls trimmed off (if you want, that is!). Leave it a few more months and have the ends twimmed, less than 5mm. My hair is not DEAD straight but it is not curly (as it was) and in better nick. Finally just be patient as the fringe takes the longest to grow long enough to tie back!!
January 1994 August 1994 March 1995

A few facts and figures...

About myself

My full name is Alastair James Francis Glenny.
I am 5 foot 8 inches tall.
I am 21, 22 on the 19th August 1995 (if you want to buy me a present!).
My hobbies include Ninjitsu and drawing cartoons.
I am also very interested in Elaine (my girlfriend).
I enjoy whizzing around in my Peugeot 205 GR (too expensive to insure in Ireland, damn!!)

About my university

Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU) is one of the "new" universities in the UK, ie it was a Polytechnic but in 1992 the Government stated that any instituion that awards its own degrees can upgrade itself to a university. Unfortunately LMU does not have (as yet) a home page on the Net, however if you want to see some photos of it, scroll down the page

LMU has 20,000+ students studying for Certificates right up to PhDs.
It has two main campuses - "Beckett Park" and "City Site".
The Business School is one of the largest in Europe.
It has the best sports facilities of any UK university or college.
The original college, before it was a Poly was the "City of Leeds and Carnegie Training College" was founded in 1913.
Leeds Polytechnic opened in 1970, the college at Beckett Park became part of the Poly in 1976.

Photos of LMU

These were all taken at the Beckett Park campus, where I study. The campus is 100 acres large and everything you need is for studying or legal relaxing can be found. The sports stadium is here, the Students Union where one can wet their palette before/after/during (delete where applicable) lectures. Also we have a well stocked library of 500,000 books and journals. I have heard rumours that they are building an extension to the library so keep checking this space.

The Faculty of Information and Engineering Systems (this is where us computing students hang out!)
The library from across the campus (only way I could fit the whole building in the viewfinder!)
My halls of residence where I used to live in Leeds (there are 8 like this in the student village).
The Students Union Building (where the "serious" work gets done!)
Part of the campus' sports stadium (Carnegie is the Sports Faculty, surprise! surprise!)
General shot of the middle of the campus.

Here are the cartoons mentioned above..

The first one of an imaginary halls of residence, if you are easily offended look away!.
The next way is of a hypothetical Students Union.

They are loosely based on my experiences at LMU and in some ways the RTC here in Galway. However Galway RTC has no halls so hopefully no Irish students will sue me!

Okay thats all from the daft Brit in Ireland, in a few days I will get the images developed, scanned etc. in the mean time is there any work you could be getting on with?

Thanks for reading my pages!!