MSc in Advanced Scientific Techniques

Programme Rationale
This programme has been developed to enable staff from scientific and related disciplines to update their knowledge and skills in selected specialised and advanced scientific areas. The thrust of the programme is to instil in participants a quality management approach to modern scientific techniques and provide knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art technology. With discovery and research has come rapid changes in scientific equipment, procedures and techniques bringing new methods, materials, processes and products. It is imperative for staff in colleges to keep pace with their specialisation, industrial and commercial applications and environmental and safety implications. The programme has been submitted to the NCEA for validation for the award of Degree of Master of Science (Advanced Scientific Techniques).

Programme Panel

Lecturer Institution
Dr. Eamonn Cashell RTC Cork (Chairperson)
Dr. Noreen Morris RTC Athlone
Dr. Patricia Mulcahy RTC Carlow
Dr. Michael Devereux DIT Cathal Brugha Street
Mr. Jim McComb RTC Galway
Dr. Willie Fitzgerald RTC Limerick
Dr. Andy Moynihan RTC Sligo
Dr. T. J. Ennis RTC Tallaght
Dr. Pat Duggan RTC Waterford

Proposed Course Schedule

Advanced Chromatographic Instrumentation 75 30 - 70 100 9
Advanced Sensors for Industrial Metrology 75 30 - 70 100 9
Computerised Instrument Systems 75 30 - 70 100 9
Environmental Management 75 30 - 70 100 9
Total Quality Management 75 30 - 70 100 9
Recombinant DNA Technology 75 30 - 70 100 9
Instrumentation for Materials Analysis 75 30 - 70 100 9
Experimental Design and Analysis 75 30 - 70 100 9
IT for Scientists 75 30 - 70 100 9
Educational & Industrial Safety 75 30 - 70 100 9
Applied Animal Cell Technology 75 30 - 70 100 9
Modern Electroanalytical Techniques 75 30 - 70 100 9
New Trends in Surface Characterisation and Heterogeneous Catalysis 75 30 - 70 100 9
Project/Dissertation - - - - 100 24

The programme is part-time and modular to suit single subject certification by NCEA ACCS mode.

Modules may be taken on a single subject basis or be accumulated towards a Masters Degree. Candidates for the Masters Degree will be required to present a rational coherent grouping of four modules plus a Masters Degree level project or dissertation.

Proposals for new modules are welcome. Proposal Forms and conditions may be obtained from the Secretariat Office.

1995/96 Modules on offer

1. Computerised Instrumentation Systems Contact:
Dr. Pat Moriarty (RTC Galway)
Microprocessor and Microcomputer Systems; Interfacing; Software; Laboratory Applications Venue(s):
RTC Galway
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96

2. Environment Management & Waste Disposal Contact:
Dr. Andy Moynihan (RTC Sligo)
Environmental Policy; Environmental Control; Waste Disposal; On-site Waste water Disposal Venue(s):
RTC Sligo
RTC Waterford
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
3. Information Technology for Scientists Contact:
Dr. B. Doherty (RTC Tallaght)
Information Systems; Information Technology; Laboratory Information Management Systems Venue(s):
RTC Tallaght
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
4. Educational and Industrial Safety Contact:
Dr. B. J. Dunlevy (RTC Dundalk)
Health and Safety Regulations; Legislation and Management; Safety Technology; Safety Practices Procedures and Controls Venue(s):
RTC Dundalk
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
5. Applied Animal Cell Technology Contact:
Dr. Ken Carroll (RTC Tallaght)
Basic Principles; Cell Culture Media, Scale up of Cell Cultures; Cell Line Characterisation; Advanced Cell Culture; Bioassays; Microscopy; Cell Analysis; Biophysical Methods Venue(s):
RTC Tallaght
RTC Athlone
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
6. Modern Electroanalytical Techniques Contact:
Dr. Andy Moynihan (RTC Sligo)
Potentiometry; Voltammetry; Biosensors; Conductometry; Laboratory Applications Venue(s)
RTC Sligo
8th - 12th Jan., '95
9th - 12th Apr., '96
13th - 17th May, '96

More detailed syllabuses of the modules above are available from the module leader(s) or the Secretariat Office.

Project Guidelines and Proposal Forms are available from the Secretariat Office.

An Application Form is enclosed. Please enter the modules you would like to attend in order of preference. Modules will not run if there are insufficient numbers.

Should you wish to attempt two modules during 1995/96, please ensure that the delivery dates of the individual blocks do not clash and make separate applications for each module.