M A in Interactive Multimedia and Design

Programme Rationale
This programme, by its very nature, draws on a wide range of skills and disciplines, including the visual arts and design, audio visual media, computing studies, script-writing, sound and musical composition, animation and modelling techniques. While many of the participating colleges have specialised in a number of these areas, none has yet produced a full programme in Interactive Multimedia and Design. By drawing on the combined skills of the different institutions, this programme will enable staff to attain academic recognition and standing in this subject area. Equally, because it is a new and developing industry, in many ways ideally suited to Ireland, it is anticipated that staff who complete this programme will be encouraged to set up similar courses in their own colleges which will supply the graduates needed to promote and establish a local indigenous industry. The programme has been submitted for validation to the NCEA for the award of Degree of Master of Arts (Interactive Multimedia and Design).

Programme Panel

Lecturer Institution
Mr. Charles Pritchard DIT Aungier Street (Chairperson)
Ms. Marlene Armstrong RTC Athlone
Mr. Tony Murray DIT Aungier Street
Mr. Michael Murphy RTC Cork
Mr. Hugh McCormick RTC Galway
Mr. Owen McGonagle RTC Letterkenny
Ms. Patricia Greene RTC Limerick
Mr. John Creagh DIT Mountjoy Square
Ms. Angela Mieghan RTC Sligo
Mr. Larry McNutt RTC Tallaght
Mr. Paul Barry RTC Waterford

Proposed Course Schedule

Interactive Multimedia in Education 75 - 100 - 100 9
Interactive Multimedia Courseware 75 - 100 - 100 9
Computer Aided Language Learning 75 - 100 - 100 9
CD ROM Publishing 75 - 100 - 100 9
Photo Realistic Imaging 75 - 100 - 100 9
Multimedia Authoring Tools 75 - 100 - 100 9
Graphic Design for Multimedia 75 - 100 - 100 9
Computer Aided Animation 75 - 100 - 100 9
3D Computer Graphics 75 - 100 - 100 9
3D Computer Animation 75 - 100 - 100 9
Audio Design 75 - 100 - 100 9
Digital/Analogue Photography 75 - 100 - 100 9
Digital Image, Video Production 75 - 100 - 100 9
Non-Linear Editing and Digital Image Processing 75 - 100 - 100 9
Project/Dissertation - - - - 100 24

The programme is part-time and modular to suit single subject certification by NCEA ACCS mode.

Modules may be taken on a single subject basis or be accumulated towards a Masters Degree.

Candidates for the Masters Degree will be required to present a rational coherent grouping of four modules plus a Masters Degree level project or dissertation.

Proposals for new modules are welcome. Proposal Forms and conditions may be obtained from the Secretariat Office.

1995/96 Modules on offer

Tools and Techniques; Scene Layout and Models for Animation; Special Effects; Output and Edit Animated Sequences to Video
1. Graphic Design in the Context of Multimedia Contact:
Michael Murphy (RTC Cork)
Theory, Development and Role of Multimedia; Analysis and Design; Presentation; Filing; Uses Particularly in Education and Training Venue(s):
RTC Cork
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
13th - 17th May, '96
2. Multimedia Authoring Tools in a Windows Environment Contact:
Larry McNutt (RTC Tallaght)
Microsoft Windows and Multimedia; Visual Author; Toolbox Venue(s):
RTC Tallaght
8th - 12th Jan., '96
13th - 17th May, '96
1st - 4th April, '96
3. An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics Contact:
Charlie Pritchard (DIT Aungier Street)
3D Graphics Geometry; Materials, Textures and Rendering; 3D Project Images Venue(s):
DIT Aungier Street
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
13th - 17th May, '96
4. 3D Computer Animation Contact:
Charlie Pritchard (DIT Aungier Street)
(Participants cannot take this module unless they have completed the Module "An Introduction to 3D Graphics") Dates:
8th - 12th Jan., '96
9th - 12th Apr., '96
20th - 24th May, '96
DIT Angier Street.
5. Non-Linear Editing and Digital Image Processing Contact:
Dudley Snidall (RTC Waterford)
Video Making; Image and Sound Capturing; Linear and Non-Linear Editing; Sound Editing; Presentation, Text and Colour Venue(s):
RTC Waterford
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
13th - 17th May, '96
6. Photography - Image Processing and Production Contact:
Patrick Tierney (RTC Galway)
Theory and Practice of Analogue and Digital Photography; Image Processing and Production; Future Trends Venue(s):
RTC Galway
8th - 12th Jan., '96
9th - 12th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
7. Computer Aided Language Learning - Design Contact:
Ruth Harris Kelly (RTC Tallaght)
Development and Applications; Computer Aided Language Learning; Multimedia Packages; Authoring Tools; Autonomous Learning Venue(s):
RTC Tallaght
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
13th - 17th May, '96

More detailed syllabuses of the modules above are available from the module leader(s) or the Secretariat Office.

Project Guidelines and Proposal Forms are available from the Secretariat Office.

Please enter the modules you would like to attend in order of preference. Modules will not run if there are insufficient numbers.

Should you wish to attempt two modules during 1995/96, please ensure that the delivery dates of the individual blocks do not clash and make separate applications for each module.