MA in Management in Education

Programme Rationale
This programme is designed to enhance the management capability of colleges by providing education and training in management at postgraduate level for teaching and administrative staff. Recent legislation has conferred much greater autonomy on the colleges, with consequential organisational and administrative challenges. Managing in these new circumstances and fulfilling their mandate will require new attitudes, structures and strategies. It is believed that this Masters Programme will be a catalyst for positive change in enabling new ideas and knowledge to be understood, new competencies to be learned and new networks of information and support to be developed. The programme is now fully validated by the NCEA for the award of Degree of Masters of Arts (Management in Education).

Programme Panel
Lecturer Institution
Dr. Venie Martin RTC Waterford (Chairperson)
Dr. Harman Murtagh RTC Athlone
Ms. Kathleen Kennedy DIT Cathal Brugha Street
Mr. Brendan Murphy RTC Cork
Mr. Kevin Dooley RTC Galway
Mr. Vincent McCarthy RTC Limerick
Mr. Paul O'Sullivan DIT Mountjoy Square
Dr. John O'Dea RTC Sligo

Approved Course Schedule

Human Resource Development 75 100 - - 100 9
Strategic Planning 75 100 - - 100 9
Marketing and PR 75 100 - - 100 9
Information Systems 75 100 - - 100 9
Quality in Education 75 100 - - 100 9
Education and Management Law 75 100 - - 100 9
Managing the Curriculum 75 100 - - 100 9
Managing of College Finances 75 100 - - 100 9
Project/Dissertation - - - - 100 24

The allocation of marks and distribution of credits between modules and the project/dissertation is at present under review by the NCEA.

The programme is part-time and modular to suit single subject certification by NCEA ACCS mode.

Modules may be taken on a single subject basis or be accumulated towards a Masters Degree. Candidates for the Masters Degree will be required to present a rational coherent grouping of four modules plus a Masters Degree level project or dissertation.

Proposals for new modules are welcome. Proposal Forms and conditions may be obtained from the Secretariat Office.

1995/96 Modules on offer

(* This course in currently under review)
1. Human Resource Development Contact:
Dolores Gilhooly (RTC Waterford)
John Gaffney (RTC Sligo)
Managing Yourself;
Managing the Team;
Managing the Environment
RTC Waterford/Kilkenny
9th - 12th Jan., '96
9th - 12th Apr., '96
20th - 24th May, '96
2. Quality in Education Contact:
Kevin Dooley (RTC Galway)
Structure Organisation;
Monitoring Methods; ISO 9000 System;
Cost Implications; Human Factors; Implementation and Control
RTC Galway
2nd - 5th Jan., '96
9th - 12th Apr., '96

20th - 24th May ,'96
3. Managing the Curriculum and Learning Environment Contact:
Anne Jordan (RTC Waterford)
Curriculum Theories and Issues; Student Learning;
Curricular Trends; Assessment and Evaluation;
The Management of Learning
RTC Waterford/Kilkenny
2nd - 5th Jan, '96
9th - 12th Apr., 96
20th - 24th May, '96
4. Information Systems and Management Contact:
Mary Lyng (RTC Waterford)
Mary Barry (RTC Waterford)
Dr. Ciaran MacDonaill (DIT Cathal Brugha St.)
Information Systems;MIS; Technology; Communications Venue(s):
RTC Waterford
DIT Cathal Brugha Street
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
13th - 17th May, '96
5. Management of College Finances Contact:
Bernard O'Hara (RTC Galway)
Framework of Finance Management; Control Systems;
Investment Decision Making; Financial Resource Management
RTC Galway
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th Apr.,'96
13th - 17th May, '96
6. Education and Management Law Contact:
Sean � Muircheartaigh (RTC Galway)
Gabriel Colleran (RTC Galway)
Dr. Harman Murtagh (RTC Athlone)
Legal Framework; Legal Problems;
Rights and Obligations in Third Level Education;
ights and Duties of Lecturers
RTC Galway
RTC Athlone
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th Apr.,'96
13th - 17th May, '96

More detailed syllabuses of the modules above are available from the module leader(s) or the Secretariat Office.

Project Guidelines and Proposal Forms are available from the Secretariat Office.

An Application Form is enclosed. Please enter the modules you would like to attend in order of preference. Modules will not run if there are insufficient numbers.

Should you wish to attempt two modules during 1995/96, please ensure that the delivery dates of the individual blocks do not clash and make separate applications for each module.