MBS in Technology and Enterprise

Programme Rationale
This programme explores the complex relationships between the various attributes of technology and enterprise. Interdisciplinary courses, now common in many colleges, require staff to obtain and exchange knowledge and skills across the boundaries of both business and technology. To provide insights into modern technology and techniques, within the context of an enterprise culture, requires a different approach, which this programme addresses. Participants will learn to analyse, evaluate and contribute to enterprise policy at local and national level, while understanding and applying the underlying technology required. The strengths, limitations and constraints of both areas will be developed, enabling participants to contribute to and work effectively on the issues associated with competitiveness, innovation and commercial feasibility. The programme has been submitted to the NCEA for validation for the award of Degree of Master of Business Studies (Technology and Enterprise).

Programme Panel

Lecturer Institution
Mr. Paul Rowan RTC Athlone (Chairperson)
Mr. Michael Walsh RTC Cork
Mr. Seamus Davin RTC Galway
Mr. Eugene Cannon RTC Letterkenny
Mr. Dermot Lahiff RTC Limerick
Mr. Tom Fennell DIT Mountjoy Square

Proposed Course Schedule

Entrepreneurship 75 100 - - 100 9
Marketing for New Product Development 75 100 - - 100 9
New Technologies and the Manufacturing Enterprise 75 100 - - 100 9
Managing Technology and People 75 100 - - 100 9
Innovation-Management and Technology 75 100 - - 100 9
Entrepreneurship 75 100 - - 100 9
Financing New Technology Enterprise 75 100 - - 100 9
Managing the Market-Design Interface 75 100 - - 100 9
Project/Dissertation - - - - 100 24

The programme is part-time and modular to suit single subject certification by NCEA ACCS mode.

Modules may be taken on a single subject basis or be accumulated towards a Masters Degree. Candidates for the Masters Degree will be required to present a rational coherent grouping of four modules plus a Masters Degree level project or dissertation.

Proposals for new modules are welcome. Proposal Forms and conditions may be obtained from the Secretariat Office.

1995/96 Modules on offer

1. Entrepreneurship Contact:
Seamus Davin (RTC Galway)
Commercial Law; Business Plan; Staffing; Marketing and Enterprise; Engineering; Operations; Management; Finance Venue(s):
RTC Galway
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
2. Marketing for New Product Development Contact:
Michael Walsh (RTC Cork)
Marketing Overview; Product Concepts; Marketing Research; Marketing of Industrial Products Venue(s):
RTC Cork
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
3. New Technology and the Manufacturing Enterprise Contact:
Matt Cotteral (RTC Cork)
Enterprise; Factors Affecting Flexibility; Achieving a Flexible Production System; Implementation of Advanced Technologies Venue(s):
RTC Cork
18th - 22nd Dec., '95
1st - 4th April, '96
20th - 24th May, '96
4. Managing the Market-Design Interface Contact:
Aidan O'Driscoll (DIT Mountjoy Square)
Design Need; Design Team; Managing Design; Problem Solving; Design/Production Methods; Standards/Quality/Consumer Protection Venue(s):
DIT Mountjoy Square
18th - 21st Dec.,'95
9th - 12th Jan., '96
2nd - 4th April,'96
21st - 24th May, '96

More detailed syllabuses of the modules above are available from the module leader(s) or the Secretariat Office.

Project Guidelines and Proposal Forms are available from the Secretariat Office.

An Application Form is enclosed. Please enter the modules you would like to attend in order of preference. Modules will not run if there are insufficient numbers.

Should you wish to attempt two modules during 1995/96, please ensure that the delivery dates of the individual blocks do not clash and make separate applications for each module.