Paul J. Scannell
Lecturer II in Computer Applications
Department of Hotel & Catering Managment

Room No : GC359
Switchboard : +353 (0)91 753161 ext 2009
Thru-Dial : +353 (0)91 770555 ext 2009
E-Mail : [email protected]
Fax : +353 (0)91 751107

My Home Page

My Home Page

Leisure time interests include Film Music, Bridge. I also dabble in Golf and Wine, usually better in that order rather than the reverse ! Professional interests include developing work related Multimedia based Presentations. I have been experimenting with the provision of lectures via Powerpoint, TFT and OHP. Last year I incorporated music via audio CD-ROM. Students thought it fine although they did not always share my taste in music !

I access the following newsgroups at fairly regular intervals :

Preferred computer platform is PC. I have owned and / or used the following over the past twelve years :

Hopefully my next model will be a 133Mhz Pentium or perhaps a P6 !


First cultivtaed during my early teens via an EP version of The Big Country (Jerome Moross). Subsequently became a 'soundtrack collector' during my years in London (1970-75) where I started collecting in earnest. Favourite composers include Waxman, Goldsmith, Broughton, Holdridge, Bernstein (Eastside !), Conti, Poledouris., Also partial to other classical movie composers of the Golden Age - Tiomkin, Steiner, Newman, Korngold, North, et al.

Favourite scores include :


Reared in a bridge family environment. First started playing in my teens - my younger brother needed a partner. Have played with various partners over the years but have been most successful with my current partner Ray Brennan.

Most memorable moment : winning the silver medal in the EEC Teams Championship in Portugal, 1993 with Ray Brennan, Tomas Roche and Padraig O'Briain.


I will always recall with horror my sojourn in Lantignie (beside Regnie) in the heart of the Beaujolais region as a teetotalling schoolboy who drank MILK for the duration of the three months I spent there !!!! What a waste !

Anyway, that was a long time ago, before I first tasted the fruit of the grape.

Greatest Kick - finding inexpensive bargains and being able to invest accordingly !!! I have a preference for South American, South African, Australian. Also partial to Riojas.