Hotel School computer facilities

The Hotel School computer facility is comprised of the following :
File Servers
2 x 486DX2-66
  • 16Mb RAM
  • 2Gb HD
  • 2Gb DAT
  • EISA Ethernet cards
    The servers run under RMNETLM 2 (Research Machines product based on LAN Manager) offering a Windows 3.1 interface to end users. Wide range of software, both Horizontal Market and Vertical Market applications, is easily accessible by all users. Ms-Mail provides internal communications within the Hotel School and is available to staff and students.

    CD-ROM Server

  • 486DX33
  • 16Mb RAM
  • 16 x Double speed Hitachi drives

    PC Stations
    96 x 486SX33

  • 8Mb RAM
  • 1Mb Cirrus Logic
  • 15" SVGA
  • 1.44Mb FD

    Network Manager : Paul Scannell
    Technical Support : Vincent Hunt