List of Staff


The list below represents staff, in alphabetical order, who are currently featured on these pages. Hyperlink entries denote staff for whom a personal page has already been created whereas non-hyperlink entries indicate that the staff member is included in a 'departmental' staff list.


This list will be updated regularly.

====== A - G ======
Ainsworth, P
Anderson, G
Barrett, S
Bazler, F
Bluett, A
Bolton, R
Boylan, N
Bradley, J
Bree, A
Brindley, A
Broderick, G
Browne, M
Buckley, B
Burke, B
Burke, Paul
Burke, Philomena
Callinanan, J
Canny, O
Carey, D
Carroll, J
Casey, B
Casey, T
Chambers, D
Clancy, G
Clancy, M
Coffey, S
Coogan, F
Colleran, G
Collins, K
Connell, B
Conroy, P
Conway, P
Corr, J
Cox, C
Coy, M
Coyne, B
Crean, C
Crombie, D
Cunningnham, J
Cunningham, M
Cunningham, T
Curran, S
Dagger, R
D'Arcy, Andrew
D'Arcy, Anthony
Davin, S
Davoren, S
Deely, M
Delaney, R
Donlon, M
Dooley, K
Downes, P
Doyle, B
Doyle, T
Duffy, M
Duffy, T
Duggan, A
Duggan, C
Duignan, A
Duignan, P
Elwood, L
Faherty, B
Farragher, M
Farrell, J
Fennell, J
Fitzgerald, M
Flynn, A
Folan, P
Forde, Fr. D
Gallagher, M
Gantly, O
Gavin, C
Gethins, A
Gibbons, M
Gillan, T
Gillagen, C
Glenny, A
Glynn, M
Gosling, E
Gottsche, J
Greaney, C
Grogan, M
====== H - N ======
Hanratty, L
Hanratty, N
Healy, M
Hicks, G
Higgins, M
Hoare, L
Holloway, D
Hunt, V
Hynes, J
Jennings, I
Jennings, M
Jennings, V
Johnston, A
Jolley, P
Kaldanis, S
Keaveney, G
Keaveney, T
Kelly, E
Kelly, F
Kelly, M
Kenehan, L
Keogh, M
Kiggins, J
Killarney, C
King, J
Kissane, L
Kivlehan, P
Lally, B
Langan, M
Linnane, T
Long, J
Lough, K
Loughnane, J
Loughnane, N
Loughname, R
Lydon, P
Mahony, A
Malone, B
Malone, J
Mannion, M
McCague, M
McCann, I
McCarthy, M
McComb, J
McComb, K
McCormick, H
McCurry, F
McDonagh, J
McDonagh, T
McDonald, A
McGrath, D
McHale, D
McHugh - McNabb, M
McKiernan, N
McLoughlin, C
MacMichael, G
McTigue, C
Meally, G
Morgan, T
Moriarty, P
Morris, G
Mulligan, J
Murnion, P
Murphy, D
Murphy, M
Neilsen, M
Ni Fhaolain, I
Noonan, L
====== O - Z ======
O'Brien, M
O'Connor, F
O'Connor, J
O'Dea, M
O'Donnell, A
O'Donnell, S
O'Dowd, P
O'Gadhra, N
O'Halloran, J
O'Hara, B
O'Keeffe, N
O'Leary, A
O'Muircheartaigh, S
O'Neill, G
O'Neill, P
O'Neill-Fitzsimons, D
O'Regan, E
O'Reilly, M
O'Rourke, B
O'Rourke M
O'Scannlain, S
O'Sullivan, K
Ottway, B
Palcic, D
Parslow, T
Piercy, S
Pilling J
Place, B
Pybus, C
Pybus, M
Quigley, D
Quinlan, A
Quinn, Dr. Gerard
Quinn, Gerardine
Quinn, L
Raftery, G
Reen, M
Roche, T
Roe, N
Roe, T
Ryan, F
Ryan, J
Ryan, P
Sammon, B
Scanlan, J
Scannell, P
Silke, L
Slattery, C
Small, B
Smith, L
Staunton, P
Stephens, M
Talbot, G
Thompson, M
Toher, B
Ui hEachterin, E
Muircheartaigh, M
Veldon, M
Waldron, M
Walsh, A
Walshe, B