Regional Technical College Galway - WWW Project


  1. This site is currently under development and additional pages will be added as and when they are composed.
  2. Pages have been specifically designed to be short and easy to load.
  3. Most pages incorporate a photographic image which is loaded as a .jpg or .gif format and most of these images are less than 4000 bytes in size.
  4. The pages have been tested under Netscape v1.0n and Netscape 1.21b
  5. We recommend configuring your computer for high resolution display e.g. 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 capable of displaying 256 colours or greater, in order to appreciate to the full the inline graphic images featured on the various pages.
  6. Lastly, we recommend that you maximize your browser window to enable full-screen display of the various pages.


The RTC Galway WWW pages reflect the organisational structure of the college. Thus the Home Page mostly features 'links' to the various schools and college services.

Individual 'home pages' for staff contain general information about the respective individuals and a common format has been implemented for all members of staff. The general information details include :


It should be noted that whereas 'e-mail' addresses have been allocated to all staff and where such details are included in their home page the use of e-mail has not yet been fully implemented throughout the RTCG and therefor some 'e-mail' addresses may not yet be active. As at 13th July 1995 approximately 70 staff have been provided with e-mail access. As and when they become available, e-mail addresses will be updated in the staff pages featured on this web site.

Of course you must have a suitable 'e-mail' program configured within your browser application in order to be able to utilise this feature.


The Library 'Home Page' includes a link which enables 'surfers' to access the 'Library Catalogue' via a suitable 'Telnet' application. This must be configured via your browser software and presumes that you have access to a suitable program on you own PC. If you are using Netscape then it is simply a case of inputting an appropriate entry in the 'applications and directories' module accessed via the 'Preferences' selection built into the 'Options' menu located on the Netscape menu bar.

For reliability purposes we strongly recommend the use of TCPMAN v2 (or higher) when accessing the library.


The compilation of these pages for the RTC Galway World Wide Web Server has been assigned to a team comprised of the following :